Third Year Blog

When I started my third year in textiles in Cardiff Met, I decided to create a new blog. This helped my tutors keep track of my work but also began a very visual diary into my work and process. My first module, Consultancy, was a live brief by Design Group UK and we needed to create a giftwrap collection, for which I chose the theme of insects to inspire me.

My last module, Exposure, is to show me as a designer and what I love to do. I had been planning my work for this module since my first year, ideally wanting to turn it into a business afterwards. It focuses on endangered and declining species in the UK, which I researched broadly until narrowing it down to four woodland creatures that hold some significance for me or my local area. It will be a giftware and lifestyle collection, covering a range of products such as prints, makeup bags, stationary, hair accessories, anything little that I could imagine working as a gift or a little treat for yourself. Check out my portfolio for a look at some of my design ideas so far!

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