Animal Illustrations

I enjoy drawing animals which has always been a hobby of mine, although now that it links to my third year collection I finally have time to do more of it. I usually use coloured pencils, sometimes with a little watercolour underneath if I am building up to a dark shade. Prismacolours are incredible for blending and gets good light into the fur and good deep colours.

Puffin – declining species from our coastlines, iconic beak.
European Hare – An unusual front facing view
Turtle Dove – More colourful than I thought they would be.
Hedgehog – Declining species in the UK, but most likely to see it in your own garden.
Scottish Wildcat – The last wildcat species left in the UK, a little kitten one here.
Dormouse – The adult and young resting on a branch.
Red Squirrel – the ear tufts have since been added in as a final touch.