Dormouse Collection

The hazel dormouse is quite a quiet species in the UK, we’re used to seeing field mice about but dormice prefer a quiet hedgerow or wooded areas to live, and when large roads are built up through areas like this, dormouse bridges are built across the roads to avoid them trying to cross a road as they do not go to ground very often anyway. The collection was designed with greens and yellows for the leaves and a contrasting pink that represents the bright berries they use.

The hero is a busy example of the dormice and how they perch on the branches. There’s also berries, foliage and mushrooms around them.

The placement design is set around a dormouse cuddling a leaf, surrounded by more leaves in a green and pink colour scheme.

Top Corner Placement Design
Bottom Corner Placement Design

Below you can see the secondary designs that I made for the collection, exploring foliage, mushrooms and berries in particular.

Below are a range of the blenders created using scales and colourways.

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