Garden Birds Patterns

My new collection was inspired by the many birds I see in my garden, I have always loved watching them on the bird feeders but when thinking ahead for ideas for christmas cards, I thought about how you only really see robins for winter time birds. Spoonflower are also running a winter bird challenge next week and I decided to get the bird books out again and do some research.

I found quite a few birds that are common sights in winter, birds that I would probably associate more with summer and spring, such as blue tits, finches, and the greater-spotted woodpecker which luckily I have managed to capture on my wildlife camera this summer!

The collection is still expanding, and I am still deciding on how to group and lay it out. Currently it includes a robin, a blue tit, chaffinch and goldfinch, and will grow to include a long-tailed tit, a coaltit, a bullfinch and a greater-spotted woodpecker, and maybe more!

Let me know what you think!