Hare Collection

The hare collection is inspired by the European hare and its surroundings, often farmlands, grasslands and woodlands. I chose ferns and other foliage to represent some of this and created secondaries and blenders to go with the hero designs and placements. The hare population has suffered due to the hunting taking place without a closed season, for which they are the only species in the UK to not have this time.

The hero design for this mini-collection shows the hare in a variety of positions with ferns, mushrooms, bluebells and leaves around it, using mostly a blue and green colour scheme with hints of the yellow coming through.
Top Corner Placement Design
Bottom Corner Placement Design

The hare placement shows the hare in quite a bold upright position amongst leaves and grass, using the blue and green colour scheme.

Below shows some secondary coordinating designs to the hero, sticking with the colour scheme and using the motifs in a variety of ways.

Next there are a range of blenders, experimenting with colourways.

If you are interested in these, see the rest of the collection below!