Hedgehog Collection

Hedgehogs used to be such a common sight in my own garden, even along the roadsides when I lived in a more built up area, but since the start of the century, their numbers have decreased drastically. We can actually do our bit to help hedgehogs, I’ve built my own shelters and feeding stations in the garden, using bricks to make sure nothing bigger can enter to get to the food, there are some great tutorials for this on YouTube using a plastic storage box, I may even do one of my own using an old boiler cover and some leftover tiles. The collection shows the animal with its foods, and also some of the leaves and foliage it would regularly encounter on its travels.

The hero design shows a few different poses of the hedgehog, some ‘normal’ views on how we may see them in nature, one on its travels and another cute one on its back. I think my reference photo for this was a friendly pet! The colour scheme of this little collection uses the natural hedgehog colours, a green as there are a lot of leaves involved and then a contrasting pink and blue.

This placement design shows a hedgehog amongst leaves and berries with a faded dotty background, perfect for a notebook cover and other stationery.

A top corner and bottom corner placement
A header placement design done in a symmetrical style

Below are some secondary coordinating designs to go with the hero and placements, showing a range of foliage and food that the hedgehog encounters day-to-day, showing a range of colourways.

Below are some blenders designed to coordinate with the hero, showing some more colour variations and styles. I tried to have cohesive styles running throughout the collections but also bringing some new ones to each collection to show some variety to the collection as a whole.

Like these? See the rest of the collection below!