Insect Patterns

My insect patterns collection were completed for giftwrap project where I originally created a pattern each for a ladybird, a dragonfly and a beetle to make up a giftbag, a gift roll and a flat sheet too. There was also a gift-tag and card that were designed to go along with these. I then created a little family of patterns from each hero design using the motifs created for each one. I loved making the families and seeing how they co-ordinate together, and creating mockups to show how they would work on the actual projects. I chose to focus on those three insects because I don’t see them very often in patterns, beetles maybe are not considered the most attractive bugs too so making them into a cute pattern was an interesting little challenge.

See below for the full collections, which include a main hero design for the Ladybird, Dragonfly and Beetle, with their secondary and blender designs that I used to co-ordinate with them.

LADYBIRD COLLECTION: The hero design captures the ladybird in a stationery position and in flight with a variety of leaves and foliage around it. The colour scheme reflects the outdoors and the changing colours in Autumn, which leaves change colour and fall to the floor.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: Another secondary design designed in a busy stripe pattern, using the motifs to create chains through the tile which can be repeated as long as needed. The pink leaves fill in the gaps instead of adding a solid colour.

LADYBIRD COLLECTION: A blender design mostly used for the inside of the card and envelope as it goes well with the hero and other designs. The small leaves form this structured repeat and at a distance look more like dots or something on a small scale.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: Another blender design created with repeating leaves in a linear pattern resulting in quite a busy design. I liked that the background of this one contrast with the hero and the rest, and ties in with the small details in the hero design.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: The hero design here is inspired by dragonflies flying over their ponds, so the lilypads and lilies can be seen underneath with the linear trails that dragonflies leave behind him, imagined here as visible. While using the same colour scheme as the Ladybird collection, it does have a very different appearance with the colour balance and the white background.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: Another blender that works well with the secondary.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: Another colourway of the lily blender.
BEETLE COLLECTION: The hero design inspired by beetles, the leaves that they burrow around in, and the little squiggles that mimic the way they move through the dirt. Again this is the same colour palette as the Dragonfly and Ladybird collections but the colour balance changed makes it a new look.
BEETLE COLLECTION: Another secondary design using the leaves and foliage.
BEETLE COLLECTION: Another blender design using a simple squiggle in pink over a dark green background.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: A secondary design using pink and green, showing a busy foliage design.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: A blender design using green and pink over white.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: Another blender used with the hero on the giftbag. The squiggles were based on the movements of the ladybirds when they land on a surface.
LADYBIRD COLLECTION: A secondary design created with the range of coloured foliage motifs seen in the top design.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: A secondary design as if I was over the pond, looking down on it.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: Lily blender repeat in one of a few different colourways.
DRAGONFLY COLLECTION: A blender design focuses on the directional trails of a dragonfly’s darting journey over a pond
BEETLE COLLECTION: A secondary design showing the linear pattern of single leaves in a variety of colours.
BEETLE COLLECTION: Another secondary design using the beetles in this brick format to build up a seamless pattern. This worked because the beetles were the same size and had a little variety of colour and shape to them, I also used this design on the front of a card with a space for the ‘Happy Birthday’.
BEETLE COLLECTION: A squiggle blender design using a range of colours throughout the squiggles on the light yellow background.