Local Inspiration

Dinas Rock – Rhandirmwyn

I visited Dinas Rock when I was a child a lot, I used to holiday nearby when I lived near Pontypridd. It is a couple of miles walk around the base of the hill, one side walking alongside a river getting higher, then coming back down through a woodland to the short board walk back to the car. I went back here looking for inspiration photos for my third year, and enjoyed the walk as well. The legend of this location is that the Welsh Twm Sion Cati would hide from the authorities in a cave high up in the mountain, a cave that you can now access via a very steep climb and a few hundred steps.

Llyn Brianne Reservoir

If you follow the road on from Dinas Rock, you eventually come to the Lynn Brianne Reservoir, you can follow the road round here for miles and miles and come out in Llanwrtyd Wells, about five miles above my village. The whole road just runs alongside the lake and forestries, where we stopped a couple of times to get some mushroom pictures for research.


My own home village, Cynghordy is a tiny hamlet outside of Llandovery, without even a shop or a chapel anymore. My grandparents used to live here over 50 years ago, just around the corner from where I live now, it has changed a lot in this time, with the shops, post offices and even the little school closing now, but the viaduct is the one notable thing throughout the years that has remained. The viaduct allows the Heart of Wales trainline to cross on it’s way to Shrewsbury and is a bold feature in the village. Beyond this, there are lanes that lead to the other local villages nearby, one of these leads to this forestry area which I go to for research photos too.

Llyn Llech Owain

Not far from the Crosshands roundabout, the lake is surrounded by a variety of walks through the woods and walks alongside the lakeside. This is where I went when I got the idea for doing my giftwrap collection on insects, watching the dragonflies fly over the surface of the little ponds near the lake. This is also the place I went on my first date with my boyfriend so it’s a place I really enjoy going to.