Pattern Contests

Spoonflower Contest – Pastel Cafe, inspired by the 1950s Italian or French cafe scene, including plants, mugs and teapots and formica furniture.
Spoonflower Contest – Bioluminescence, inspired by jellyfish and their underwater surroundings as well as bioluminous plankton.
Spoonflower Contest – Quiet Spaces, inspired by how people find their happy quiet space growing plants and being surrounded by them, also inspired by my wish to finally keep a plant alive.
Spoonflower Contest – East Fork, inspired by the East Fork pottery company, with the theme of sunrise I thought about taking their values of connection to make this pattern, representing friendships, relationships and how something as simple as a cup of tea together can help sustain this.
Spoonflower Contest – Midsummer Festival, inspired by the Midsummer Festivals celebrated with Maypoles, flower crowns and appreciation of nature.
Spoonflower Contest – aromatherapy, inspired by florals traditionally used in aromatherapy.

I take part in these little weekly contest and any others that I come across because it gives me a day off from my regular module work and allows me to do something different. Sticking with the themes they give every week I have drawn things very different from my usual kind of style. Below shows some examples of creating a little collection from the submitted hero design.

^ Spoonflower Contest – Canadian Wildlife, inspired by the arctic hare, beaver and red fox and the various spruce and pine tree forests prominent in the country. I also made some coordinating patterns to go with this because I was enjoying using the motifs.

^Spoonflower Contest – Brightly-Coloured Reptiles, inspired by chameleons and their unusually bright colouring, with a range of coordinating patterns to go along with it.

^Spoonflower Contest – Sports and Leisure, inspired by snorkelling and exploring the oceans, the last design here was submitted for the contest, and the rest were made as coordinating designs in the collection. Showing sharks, seahorses, turtles, jellyfish and a range of coral and shells.