Red Squirrel Collection

I wanted the Red Squirrel Collection to show the squirrel’s surroundings, so I added some of it’s favourite tree leaves into the patterns and also some of its recognised food, nuts and acorns. The colour scheme is based on the natural fur colourings and some brighter contrasting colours for a more modern effect. The following shows a hero design, some placements, secondaries and blenders, I still have some editing to do to refine the final collection and choose which ones from all these to submit into that.

I wanted the hero to be busy and focusing more on two of the key colours around the squirrels with a hint of the yellow coming through in some little leaves. This was half dropped to give it a more pleasing repeat.

The top corner placement design
The bottom corner placement design

A centre placement design that I could picture as an art print or for use on stationery, like a notebook cover. I use Procreate to draw my motifs and add the textures, then usually Photoshop to arrange them using the layers.

Below are some secondary coordinating designs using similar motifs and the same colour scheme as the hero and placement designs, I think my favourite is embracing the white background and filling gaps with dots to spread out the colour more within it. Some are shown here in a couple of different scales, and others with a different colourway added.

Finally below, I show some blenders that I created alongside the designs, I imagine these being used for the lining or the inside of a product, such as a make up bag. These are shown in a variety of colourways.

If you’re interested, see the other three parts of this collection below!