Sweet Treats Pattern Collections

The Sweet Treats Pattern Collections were originally inspired by the Spoonflower ‘Ice Cream Truck’ Challenge, for which I did a fruity ice lolly collection. I had ideas in my head to expand this in the same style, into ice creams, cupcakes, doughnuts, the range had a lot of room for growth. I sat on this for a while with my graduate collection taking up a lot of my time, and now that its over, I had some time to make some of this happen. See the range below:

The hero design used every colour and fruit that I had drawn, aiming to create a busy and eye-catching design, before separating some of the nicer colour combinations and creating some other designs.

The Ice Cream Collection started off very bold and bright, using blues, pinks and reds and chocolates to fill the space. Along the same theme as the icelollies, I wanted to incorporate fruit and sweets.

The Ice Cream collection and the Cupcake collection were done pretty close together in time, and I found that some motifs worked well for both, so as a little sub-category, see the sweets below:

The Cupcake collection flowed next, using some fruits and sweets to work with the designs. I created a few placement designs for this too that will work well on cards or stationery.

Keep an eye out for the expanding collection, new things coming soon!