Work With Me

I am always open to licensing and collaboration opportunities, so if you like my patterns and would like to use them, get in touch and we can discuss the best license for you. Or if you have an idea for a fabric that you want to make a reality, we can also discuss this! My designs cover a range of topics but if there’s something you have in mind, we can work together to develop the best suiting design that you can then use for your product range.

Licensing Conditions

1.Standard licensing will apply to all designs unless discussed otherwise, for example wanting exclusive access to the design will need to be discussed and the pricing arranged accordingly.

2. The designs remain my intellectual property unless discussed otherwise, prices for buying my intellectual property from me will be higher than a standard license.

3. Designs created specially for a project also fall into standard licensing, and will be added to a portfolio of work on my website.

4. If you would like your link and details attached to this, please ask, I am happy to promote your products as well.