My graduate collection is inspired by endangered or declining species in the UK, click below to view the full four-part collection including the hedgehog mini-collection, the red squirrel mini-collection, the hare mini-collection and the dormouse mini-collection. You can also learn more about these species and their conservation.

Hi! Please explore my website to see my portfolio of patterns, artworks and what inspires them. You can see my surface pattern graduate collection coming together, inspired by endangered or declining species in the UK and focuses on four species currently; the dormouse, the hare, the red squirrel and the hedgehog. You can follow my progress on this on my University blog also below. My portfolio also includes a range of my animal illustrations using pencils and some supporting sketchbooks work, and also pattern contests I have entered over recent months. Please contact me with any enquiries or questions, using the ‘Contact’ page!

Explore My Pattern Contests

Spoonflower hold a weekly pattern contest covering a range of themes, for fabric printed by the metre or sometimes for wallpaper. The themes have gone from bioluminescence, to canadian wildlife, large birds, ice cream truck, even reptiles. I enjoy the day drawing up and exploring these challenges, see them below!


I am very close to graduating and open to opportunities in surface pattern, graphic design, I would be keen to have a go at a variety of creative work outside of my specialism too. My CV shows my work experience and education, and I hope to be adding more skills as I carry out more short courses and workshops.

Local Inspiration

My natural surroundings in Carmarthenshire inspire me in my patterns and artwork, I highlighted a few of my favourite places below.

animal illustrations

The animal illustrations were a starting point to my graduate collection, exploring these endangered species with realistic style pencil drawings.


My graduate collection is split into four mini-collections based on the four different species I wanted to explore, see each one below.


The red squirrel population has been in decline due to the introduction of the grey squirrel species and habitat destruction. The collection focuses on the squirrel with its surroundings and foods within the patterns.


The hedgehog suffers from loss of habitat and often get run over in built up areas. The collection focuses on the hedgehog with a range of foliage, leaves and berries that it enjoys for food.


The hare does not have a closed hunting season, meaning it can be hunted all year around, possibly not giving the species the chance to recuperate from this. The collection shows ferns, mushrooms and foliage with the hare.


The dormouse is disappearing from many counties in the UK, its specific woodland and hedgerow habitat are at risk of destruction. The collection shows the foods and foliage around it.



Earlier in the year I completed a live project to design a giftwrap collection, I chose the insect theme and created a few little collections, coming from a ladybird, a dragonfly and a beetle.

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